Have children heard of key historical and inspirational people?

New research, commissioned to celebrate our new Autumn/Winter titles, highlights the importance of reading to help kids learn and be inspired to DREAM BIG!

The survey, based on interviews with 1000 kids in the UK, reveals that almost one third of UK children cannot identify either John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr. or the works they accomplished.

The majority of kids (73%) did not know the work of Frida Kahlo, almost half (43%) hadn’t heard of Aretha Franklin and a third (33%) couldn’t identify Marie Curie.

Sir David Attenborough fared better among young people–with almost a third (32%) correctly identifying him as a presenter and conservationist (although 3% did say they thought he might be a TV gardener…) and a whopping 82% recognizing Elton John as a singer and musician.

In video content that accompanied the survey, one child commented that they thought John Lennon “discovered glasses” and another thought Ru Paul was in charge of “a race where people drag things.”