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Martin Luther King Jr.

Author: Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Illustrated by: Mai Ly Degnan

Meet Martin Luther King Jr., the inspiring minister and civil rights activist.

Little Martin grew up in a family of preachers: his dad was a preacher, his uncle was a preacher, his grandfather was a preacher…so maybe he’d become a great preacher too. One day, a friend invited him to play at his house. Martin was shocked when his mother wouldn’t let him in because he was black. That day he realized there was something terribly unfair going on. Martin believed that no one should remain silent and accept something if it's wrong. And he promised himself that—when he grew up—he’d fight injustice with the most powerful weapon of all: words. This moving book features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the inspiring activist’s life.


Format: Hardback, 32 pages

ISBN: US 9780711245679 , UK 9780711245662

Size: 9.449in x 7.677in / 240mm x 195mm

Published: January 7, 2020

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Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara, born in Barcelona, Spain, is a writer and creative director in constant search of new concepts for children's books. Working for more than fifteen years for clients in top advertising agencies, her books combine creativity with learning, aiming to establish a new and fresh relationship between children and pop culture.

Mai Ly Degnan

MAI LY DEGNAN is an award-winning illustrator and teacher based in Baltimore. She enjoys creating humorous illustrations with tedious line work, pattern making, and bright colours. Some of Mai Ly's favourite things include greeting cards, pattern making, and pugs.



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Buy Martin Luther King Jr.