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Terry Fox

Illustrated by Tierra Connor

Meet Terry Fox, the legendary Canadian who ran the Marathon of Hope. Terry loved every sport under the sun. He was training to become a… Read more »

Helen Keller

Illustrated by Sam Rudd

Meet disability rights advocate Helen Keller. Little Helen was curious and eager to learn about the world. After contracting an illness during childhood, she became deaf and… Read more »

Mae Jemison

Illustrated by Janna Morton

Meet Mae Jemison, scientist, astronaut and the first ever black woman in space. When Mae Jemison was a little girl, she dreamed of blasting off into… Read more »

Nikola Tesla

Illustrated by Alexander Mostov

Meet Nikola Tesla, the scientist and inventor whose groundbreaking inventions we continue to use today. Since he was a young boy growing up in the… Read more »

Laverne Cox

Illustrated by Olivia Daisy Coles

Meet Laverne Cox, the actress and trans pioneer. As a kid, Laverne felt different. Even though she felt like a girl, she wasn’t allowed to… Read more »

Marcus Rashford

Illustrated by Guilherme Karsten

Meet Marcus Rashford, the world-famous footballer and campaigner against childhood hunger. When Marcus was a kid, he had a family that loved him and a… Read more »

Neil Armstrong

Illustrated by Christophe Jacques

Meet Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon. Little Neil’s dreams took flight when he rode on his first airplane as a… Read more »

Wilma Mankiller

Illustrated by Alexandra Bowman

Meet Wilma Mankiller, the first woman to be elected as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Growing up, little Wilma was surrounded by her Cherokee… Read more »

Elvis Presley

Illustrated by Ana Albero

Meet Elvis, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Elvis was born into poverty in North Mississippi, a place where opportunities were a rare thing to… Read more »

David Attenborough

Illustrated by Mikyo Noh

Meet David Attenborough, the inspiring broadcaster and conservationist. Little David grew up in Leicester on the campus of a university, where his father was a… Read more »

Alexander von Humboldt

Illustrated by Sally Agar

Meet Alexander von Humboldt, the botanist and adventurer. As a kid, Alexander wasn’t a great student. He had a naturally curious mind, but he saw… Read more »

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J. R. R. Tolkien

Illustrated by Aaron Cushley

Meet J. R. R. Tolkien, author and forefather of the fantasy genre.   Little John experienced lots of change in his life from a young… Read more »

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